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Pioneer Pro Audio identity


Pioneer Professional Audio - branding & identity

Pioneer was founded in 1938 as a speaker manufacturer, and has been focused on high quality sound ever since. In 2013, they joined with Gary Stewart Audio to create the ultimate club sound, and Pioneer Professional Audio was born.

The club speaker company approached us to give their existing brand image a lift. The goal from them was simple. They wanted to look sleek, professional, powerful and convey quality through their graphic style.

Disciplines: Advertising / Brochures & Leaflets / Exhibition & POS

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Pro Audio DNA

Drawing inspiration from their previous brand imagery, we felt it was appropriate to retain the use of the hexagon shape. Taken from the pattern that makes up the speaker grille, the hexagon had become a synonymous part of the Pro Audio DNA, and something they wanted to retain. Stripping it back to a simple outline, coupled with a clean, mono background, started to form the sleek look we were looking for. This gave us the opportunity to create a strong relationship between the graphic elements and imagery of the physical products, with the skeletal like hexagon wrapping around the product.  


Applying the brand

Once the graphic style had been refined and approved, the next challenge was to apply this to a selection of brand assets to give Pioneer Pro Audio set of materials that would help them stand out in the club speaker market. These materials included banners, posters, social media assets and print brochures.


The results

The result of the brand image update was very positive, and offered Pioneer Professional Audio the sleek, professional, powerful look they wanted through their image style. The style was working as a consistent overall brand look, whilst being able to be tailored to suit both individual products, as well as generic brand assets. The generic brand graphics include the ‘hero hexagon’ which is a single hexagon made up of textures found on the Pro Audio speakers.