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Having a beautiful easy to use website is a great way to make a first impression and ensure returning visitors.


Attention spans on the web are on average just 3 seconds long…

Are you still with us? Good. Having a carefully designed, easy to use website is a vital to making a great first impression and ensuring visitors keep coming back. Planet has the design experience and the technical know-how to provide you with a fully responsive website which can be kept up-to-date via the latest CMS platforms.

The design process

Initial meeting & brief - The most important things for us to understand are what you want your website to achieve and what type of customers you want to attract. Through a combination of meetings and/or briefing documents, we’ll guide your through the process, collate the information, and then suggest the best platforms and approach for your business.

The most important things for us to understand are what you want your website to achieve and what type of customers you want to attract.

We’ll also work with you to understand the best way to get content such as images and copy created. Writing copy that is both customer and SEO friendly is tricky, so we do recommend bringing a copywriter on board if budget allows.

Sitemap and wireframes - At this stage we’ll compile a list of pages that will be required and structure them in a simple flow diagram that illustrates where each page will sit. Next, we set about creating a wireframe prototype. This is a very important step in getting the user experience (UX) of the website correct. Generally speaking, the content of each page is laid out, represented by lines and boxes with placeholder text. Using specialist software, we then convert the layouts onto a interactive platform that allows user journeys and functionality to be fully tested and approved. Doing this ahead of coding allows changes to be made quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Design application - Once a robust wireframe has been established the team will set about styling up the design elements. This is known as the user interface (UI) stage of a website build. Taking cues from any existing logo and brand identity, our designers will bring the site to life through choices of colour, typeface, button style and image selection. We’ll also create a plan for your websites behaviours; this covers elements such as rollovers, page transitions and scroll effects.

The coding process

At the point that everything is confirmed from a user experience and design perspective, the design team will prepare all the necessary files and transfer them over to our development team. Here, the team will set about coding the website in whatever language and platform is required for your particular site.

Platforms & content management systems - We support builds on many platforms including Wordpress, Magento, Shopify, Squarespace and many more. Each of these platforms also supports the use of Content Management Systems (CMS) which allows you to update and add to your website whenever you wish.

QA, test & launch - As part of our internal processes, each stage of development is carefully managed with sequential QA & testing so that any bugs or issues can be found and dealt with before we go live. The site will live on a password protected staging sever until it is ready to go live. Once all issues have been resolved, we launch the site for real!

Post launch


The journey doesn’t stop once your site goes live. It’s just the beginning. In the digital world progress is quick and the goal posts are ever changing. We recommend that all of our clients have a support agreement in place so that plugins, system updates and security issues can all be dealt with and not have any impact on your live site.


Our websites can include access to analytics platforms such as Google Analytics so that you can assess performance and manage key KPI’s and marketing goals.


Taking the size and scope of your website into account, we can recommend and setup the most effective hosting solution for you. Our choice of provider will aim to ensure fast and secure functionality, whilst not breaking the bank.


Search Engine Optimisation makes it easier for people to find your website by pushing it further up the list on Google searches. We work through external agencies that specialise in SEO to ensure the best results.



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