UX & UI Design

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design are essentially digital ergonomics. They go hand in hand and make sure the user gets what they want out of using a website, app or interface, and find it easy enough to come back for more.



User Experience (UX)

User experience (or UX as it is also known) is an approach that can be used to ensure that a user is able to find their way around your interactive piece, and get what they need from it. Instead of hiding information and features away, making it difficult to find and easy to get lost, a good user experience crafts a structure, layout and hierarchy that is intuitive and takes the user on a journey they are comfortable with and in control of. Imagine it being the skeleton of your digital project.

To test usability of our UX designs, we prototype each one. Generally speaking, the content is represented by lines and boxes only, with placeholder text. This means the working concepts can be tested purely for their function. Testing is carried out to validate suggested ideas, and changes can be easily made to optimize the user journey.

The benefits of approaching digital design in this way can include lower bounce rates, customer retention uplift and an overall improved brand perception.

User Interface (UI)

User Interface design (or UI as it is also known) is a specialism that concentrates on the visual 'look' of a website, app or interactive programme.

Fundamentally, UI is the transference of a brand identity onto assets that are used to build the overall digital interface. It should always work in tandem with the UX to ensure a clear and consistent user journey.

Here at Planet, we're experts at interaction.

From button colors/shapes and rollovers, to hierarchy of type and iconography, our design team works up each element of the UI and applies it to the previously constructed UX prototype.

A good UI will help to effortlessly guide your customer to a required goal. This could be checking out and completing a purchase, registering for more information or other form of interaction.

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