Retail, point of sale & exhibition design

Scaling up your presence can often mean that less is in fact, more. Retail, point of sale (POS) and large scale design should quickly and clearly communicate your message.



In busy environments such as shop floors, oustide spaces or exhibition arenas, there are often many distractions competing for your customers attention. A well planned, considered & designed large scale composition can pack the punch that you need.


Scoping out the space

Before we even put pen to paper (or hand to mouse), the first thing that must be carefully considered and planned for is the space in which a large scale design will be going. Often, details are provided directly from the store/media owner/exhibition organiser. This information is carefully reviewed to ensure we understand the boundaries in which we need to work. For example, at exhibitions there will quite often be height restrictions, or health and safety guidelines that have a bearing on types of materials used etc.

Designing to scale

Depending on the final size, it is commonplace to work to a smaller, but to scale, size. This ensures that the file sizes and rendering times are kept to a minimum, and different versions of the designs can easily be shared with our clients. The final artwork is scaled up by the manufacturers/installers.

Visualising the designs

It's sometimes difficult to visualise what the final piece might look like, so we use a combination of 3D rendering tools and Photoshop to place the designs in situ. This allows the client to be confident that they know what they are getting.

Understanding the intricacies

Although large in physical size, the detail with which the artwork needs to be created requires a high level of skill and attention to detail. For example, our designers will check that any images used will render correctly at the final size and, that the colours chosen will replicate well on the materials being used, and, for POS items and exhibitions there is often a large amount of checking required to make sure that the flat layouts will work once constructed.


At Planet, our teams can take care of an entire project on your behalf, from concept to delivery, or, if you prefer, we can work with you to provide the designs to your preferred manufacturer.


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