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Logos & Identity

Effective logo design helps your business stand out amongst competitors and be remembered by its customers.


A well thought-out logo should be a flagship mark which helps your business stand out from the competition, and creates a memorable impact on customers. A custom logo design and a unique identity is the foundation to establishing a strong brand.

A clean slate

If you are a about to launch a new business, have a fledgling startup, or even an existing business with a new product or service, it will need it to have it's own personality. At Planet, our design team are experts in creating logos & identities from the ground up, enabling you to launch with confidence and really connect with your target market. We’ll work with you to clearly understand your business offering, target market and USP’s. All of this information helps us to inform our teams suggested designs, and means that the end result is a clear strong logo or identity that sits perfectly in its market.

Our design team create visually striking options that really hit the mark</p>

Freshen up

It's not all always about creating a logo & identity from scratch. Maybe you have a logo that you'd like to bring up to date, or make adjustments it so that it fits within a slightly different market. Some of the most long standing iconic logos have benefited from regular updates so they remain relevant.

Our experts can help you launch your brand with confidence and really connect with your target market

The full package

More than just the logo mark, a carefully planned identity will compliment the logo and encompass elements such as colours, typefaces and specific rules for application. We can even explore the use of tone of voice and provide copywriting recommendations.

For our clients, we create a handy guidelines document that details everything you'll need. To give you a visual reference, real world application examples can be included. This could be in the form of adverts, web banners or other marketing applications. You can then share the document internally with your teams, externally to other suppliers and be confident in the knowledge that your brand identity will be applied consistently through all of your marketing channels.



Logo and identity projects