You've now been working through our brand workshop daily posts for 5 days(inspired by the wonderful Brand Advisor Simon Middleton), well done! You've hopefully spent time exploring the emotional and imaginary sides to your brand. These are important, but it's now time to add some meat to the bones, look at how you can rationalise your thoughts so far, and think about how they might apply in the real world.



You are going to use a technique that was founded by one Dr Fritz Zwicky, an Astro-physicist and Aerospace Scientist (fancy!). The technique is called Morphological Analysis. And that's as complicated as it gets, we promise...

Zwicky's simple technique was derived from his need to analyse scientific elements that could not easily be compared. The same applies to you in branding, there are various things that you need to compare and connect, but they can all be very different.

What you will need to do is create yourself a table (4 columns x 8 rows should be fine for now). You now need to create headings for each of your columns. These headings should be the various different aspects of your business (problems you need to solve). These could be things such as location, customer type, distribution, business type etc etc.

Next, in each of the columns underneath the headings you have put down, start to populate each box with variables (or solutions) that relate to the heading at the top.

Once you've finished, you should have a table that looks something like this:

Morphological Box for new restaurant/food outlet

Morphological Box for new restaurant/food outlet


Take time to review what you have have in each of your boxes - remember also that this is a flexible process, so if you need another column or row then add it.

You should now be feeling much clearer as to what your business could possibly look like, but there's still lots of options right? The next step in the process is go through the table column by column, picking elements from each one as you go. Remember, you can't be all things to all people, but go through this as many times as you like, identifying the various outcomes and keeping a note of them somewhere safe for later.

Morphological box with various outcomes marked up

Morphological box with various outcomes marked up



For more information on this technique and the rest of our 30 day branding posts, grab yourself a copy of Simon Middeltons book, How to Build a Brand in 30 days.


Sounds simple, but you just cannot do everything by yourself!