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We were asked to create the photography, literature, and advertising for Pioneer’s latest product - the DDJ-SB3. Brochure Design, Web Design, and Leaflet Design all came into play.

Pioneer DJ, DDJ-SB3 - campaign

01 March 2018

The DDJ-SB3 is the latest Serato based controller from Pioneer DJ. As with any product release from Pioneer DJ we handled the photography, literature and all the advertising for both print and online formats.

Unique to this product was the involvement of legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff who helped create a signature scratch effect for the controller. Our creative used a scratched metal texture to reflect this analogue effect as well as using green graphic elements to create synergy with Serato’s brand UI colour.


SB3 Ad.jpg

We worked with our good friend David Cunningham to ensure we captured the products most interesting and important angles, clearly showing the controllers layout, and giving a tactile impression of the materials used to make its components.

SB3 Spec.jpg
SB3 Spec 2.jpg