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Why Does Your Business Need An App?

According to a report from eMarketer, over a third of the world’s consumers will own a smartphone by now. That’s over 2.16 billion people; and it’s vital that brands amend their marketing and design strategies to meet this demand. While creating a responsive website is the first step, mobile apps offer an abundance of opportunities you simply can’t get from a responsive website alone.

1. User Experience

This is the number one advantage of apps; the user experience and how your consumers can move through your product range and experience features such as 3D fly throughs, interactive navigation, animations and product 360s. A native app offers better UX than any other mobile platform. Apps can host incredibly rich content, making the journey more like a story. This is why in many cases our apps are visited for 10x longer than the equivalent websites.

2. Communicate directly with your audience

A mobile application opens up a direct communication channel with your target consumer. With a website you’re relying on them to be proactive, to visit the site and manually check for all the great new content you’re creating. With an app, once downloaded it offers instant interaction with one touch of the button.

The ability to send push notifications is hugely beneficial, driving ongoing engagement and awareness. This comes with a heavy caveat; use them sparingly and make sure that the offers and updates are worth the interruption.

3. You can communicate offline

An app is designed to work offline, giving you yet more engagement time with your audience. If you’ve made your content and UX the main focus, there’s no reason why your customers won’t be choosing to browse your app – instead of playing Candy Crush – on their next commute to work.

Remember to keep an eye on the file size of your app though as overly-large files can put people off. If you need to use lots of video only embed the vital ones and use streaming for the rest.

4. Design

With an app your brand can be at the core, carefully intertwined with bespoke interactive features, opening up new avenues to display your products in a much more real-life way. We’ve created immersive, engaging mobile apps for brands as diverse as Pioneer DJ to Barratt Homes. We know that if the creative concept is right, they get results.

For example, our Barratt homes app saw users spend on average nine minutes in the app, and re-visits up to 10 times.



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