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Questions You Need to Ask About Your Website

These days everybody with a business has a website – and with good reason; having a website gives you credibility. However, having a website that doesn’t work the way it should, gives you the opposite of credibility; a bad reputation. 

These are the questions you really don’t want to hear when someone is looking at your website. The best way to avoid hearing such questions (other than burying your head in the sand…) is to get yourself someone who knows a bit about UX.


What is UX?

UX is short for User Experience. In it’s simplest form it’s about how someone feels and thinks when interacting with your website.


Why should I care about UX?

Making your business stand out is tough but you certainly don’t want it standing out for the wrong reasons. Of course you want a beautiful looking site – that’s a given. And many people’s first impressions of your business will be based on looks alone. However no amount of good looks and cool branding is going to make up for a bad user experience. And it’s the ‘experience’ that will be the thing that people remember.

Let’s demonstrate this with a quick example. A person, let’s call her Sally; is trying to purchase some t-shirts from a clothing website – it’s a brand from the high street that she likes and trusts. However, after she adds items to her basket she can’t see the size of the clothes she’s selected – so she has to repeat the process of selecting again to make sure. Then, after going through the payment process, she clicks ‘buy’ but there is no confirmation screen, did the payment go through? Sally won’t be shopping online at that store again!

Sally’s woes could have been avoided if only that clothing store had hired a UX designer to work on their website. UX designers work with their clients to understand what they want their website to do; and figure out, who are the people they want attract.

Understanding the people and the purpose is the key to start creating a good user experience. And, if it’s fun to use as well; then that’s the cherry on top. A place on the web you would visit again.


If you already have a website or app, it’s time to ask some fundamental questions about it:

  • Does it provide a service that people need?

  • Can people figure out how to use it?

  • Does it get the job done?

  • Is it quick and easy to use?

  • Is it attractive? Is it fun to use?

If the answers to all these questions are yes – then give yourself a big’ol pat on the back; you’ve got a great user experience!

If not, that’s where our design heroes can come in to save the day. Of course we are only telling half the story here, a great user experience also needs an effective user interface (UI) design to work. User Interface design is about designing the look and feel of the website (it’s the bit where you make sure that the buttons – look like buttons). This means their role is very much intertwined with that of UX designers.


What is UI?

If the UX is the bones of the body that make sure everything works. Then UI is the skin, eyes, ears and mouth; the surface that ensures people know how and what they are interacting with.


Problem solved

Fortunately the fine people of Planet have a great deal of experience with user experience and a keen eye for UI. Which means whatever your creative needs; we can help you, make your website a place people want to visit!