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How to design brochures that captivate customers


Designing a quality brochure is like a piece of art, it should tell a story and captivate the readers attention. Each client has a different story, with a different end-goal in mind for their brochure. At Planet our aim is to make every single brochure be a memorable and valuable asset in a marketeers arsenal.

Know Your Branding

Whatever purpose your brochure has, it is important to keep all of your branding clear and consistent so your customers can instantly recognise and remember you.

Make sure that your design agency understands your brand identity, and provide them with information on fonts and colours, as well as brand values, image styles and tone of voice, so they can align your new brochure correctly.


Define Your Audience

Whether it’s for a sales event or important meeting, exhibition or 1-1 viewing, each brochure is designed for a different audience and purpose. Being clear on exactly where and who the brochure is for is extremely helpful when it comes to getting the look and feel right.

Some useful starting points are:

What is the main objective for this brochure?
Who is this brochure for?
What information will they need to be able to find?

The Design

The next thing to consider is what type of brochure you need; A4/A5, bespoke or custom fold etc. Consider if large amounts of text will be necessary as a lot of information is essential, or, are big images with a simple small amount of copy better suited to your needs?

There are lots of options out there, but fear not, your design agency will help you come to a decision and will be able to show you examples until you find the one that works best for you.

GF Smith paper samples.png


One of the most important elements of your brochure is the actual print itself.

Here, choices need to be made about the weight of paper, pagination and type of stock. If the paper is too thick and has to many pages it may not open & close properly unless the appropriate binding is specified, or if it is too thin, it could look cheap and tacky.

Emboss finish

Emboss finish

Foil finish

Foil finish

Deboss finish

Deboss finish


The finishing of a piece of print is where your brochure can really stand out from the crowd. Foiling, embossing, or UV varnishes can all help to add an extra dimension to your print.

It is always best to gain the advice of a skilled designer who can spec and manage the print and finish on your behalf so the desired results can be achieved.

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