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You’ve got an app, now what?


So, you’ve had your app made, and it’s out there happily being used by your customers. Great. But which bits do they like? which bits are they not finding useful? where are they spending most of their browse time? 

With each and every one of our digital publishing app’s, you’ll have access to detailed insights that will show you all the relevant analytics, so that you can review your content and put more of what is working out there, and ditch the content that just isn’t engaging enough.

Here’s some examples of the data you’ll have access to:

App reports

  • Daily downloads per app

  • Daily Content Item downloads per app

  • Daily Collection views

  • Daily Content Item views

  • App sessions

  • App size overview

  • Geographical distribution of downloads




Advanced app reports

  • Downloads by day of week

  • Issue downloads by device type

  • Devices percentage

  • OS percentages

  • Platform percentages

  • Landscape vs. portrait percentages

  • App installs by app version

  • Publication size by device type

  • App installs: number of users that have opened the app at least once

  • App sessions: number of times that a publication has been opened on a device



Issue, collection & content item reports

  • Articles visited by readers

  • Article pages visited by readers

  • Interactive content play count:

    - Slide shows accessed
    - Movies: number of playbacks started
    - Sounds: number of playbacks started
    - Image sequences: number of times triggered
    - Web links: number of times embedded web browser was loaded
    - Web overlays: number of times triggered


Taking notice of and reviewing your analytics data will help you make the appropriate changes to your content, meaning your app will be up to date, engaging and, most importantly, useful for your customers.

To find out more about converting your brochures, magazines or newsletters into an app, click here.