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More Traffic Means More Customers – 3 Ways To Get More of Both

More Traffic Means More Customers – 3 Ways To Get More of Both

Design and building a beautifully modern website with a great user experience is just one of the many services we offer as an integrated design agency.

But, what do you do once it is live, working well and looking lovely? You need an audience...

A brilliant website needs traffic to make it super profitable and a solid return on investment. Traffic essentially refers to the amount of eyeballs on your website, the people who have found you online, scrolled through your pages, and are interested in the products/services you offer. More eyes on your website means more interested potential customers, and therefore more potential sales.

A simple equation to remember is: More Traffic = More Sales Leads = More Sales

Getting traffic to your website can seem like a big task at first, with so many moving parts and channels to consider; Social Media, SEO, PPC, Blog Posts, the list goes on… To get you started, we thought we’d focus on our top 3:


A good website has a solid SEO strategy. Each page of your website is optimised for the keywords that represent what your business does, and the products/services you provide. With well-thought out SEO, your business appears in major Search Engines, like Google or Bing, and takes advantage of the traffic these search engines generate.

Bring traffic from Google to your website, and it can be channeled into your sales funnel.

Social Media

A tried and trusted platform for traffic success. Most web users have at least 3 social media accounts that they use regularly. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to grab their attention and shift it from the social media platform e.g. Facebook, towards your website and sales funnel.

PPC Advertising

Otherwise known as Pay-Per-Click Advertising, this form of traffic generation targets specific users of Search Engines (e.g. Google) and Social Media Platforms (e.g. Facebook) to bring users specifically interested in the types of products/services you offer. You can profile your ideal client, show adverts to only these people, and only pay when they engage with your advert e.g. click a link to your website, like your page etc. This is again pulling traffic and interested customers directly to your website. What’s more, you only pay when it works i.e. when someone takes action that’s valuable to your business.

If you’re thinking about building your website, we’d love to chat with you about building a solid traffic strategy, so we can make sure your website works best for you and your business.

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