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App Design

Creating a useful app puts all the information your customers need right at their fingertips. Planet design and build effective apps for your business.


Apps put all the information right at your customer’s fingertips and push notifications get you direct interaction whenever you need.

With app downloads at an all-time high, more and more mobile phone users are turning to apps to find out information, make purchases and conduct activities as opposed to internet browsers.

App design

We have a great deal of experience in creating effective UX and UI design and these principles are key when designing for mobile devices. We ensure your app is beautiful, on brand and easy to use.

Each and every app is different. From games, to shopping to controlling your home, apps are emerging in almost every industry. Our specialist teams will work with you to achieve your digital goals, through a period of briefing and goal realisation.

“We ensure your app is beautiful, on brand and easy to use.”

Wireframes - Wireframe prototypes are a very important step in getting the user experience (UX) of your app correct. Using specialist software, we convert static layouts onto a interactive platform that allows user journeys and functionality to be fully tested and approved.

Design application - Once a robust wireframe has been established, the next step is to style up the design elements. This is known as the user interface (UI) stage of an app build. Taking cues from any existing logo and brand identity, our designers bring the app to life through choices of colour, typeface, button style and image selection. We’ll also create a plan for your app behaviours; this covers elements such as rollovers, page transitions and scroll effects.

The coding process

At the point that everything is confirmed from a user experience and design perspective, the design team will prepare all the necessary files and transfer them over to our development team. Here, the team will set about coding your app!

QA, test & launch - As part of our internal processes, each stage of development is carefully managed with sequential QA & testing so that any bugs or issues can be found and dealt with before we submit the apps to the app stores.

App benefits

Push Notify and Update

Your app can be updated and modified whenever you need, allowing you to stay ahead of the game. Users can then be sent push notifications directly to their mobile devices to let them know key pieces of information such as updates spacial offers. 

App store download or private app

We can make your app available on the leading app stores (Apple app store and/or Google Play), or, we can make sure that it remains private for internal use only.

Perfect Point of Sale

Your app can be modified or developed from the ground up to serve as a point of sale tool, to be used in any environment you require - such as in store, in marketing suites, or exhibitions.

No Connection Required

Once downloaded to a compatible interactive device native apps can be used offline, wherever and whenever the user sees fit.



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