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HDJ-X5BT campaign

We were asked to create the photography, literature, and advertising for Pioneer’s latest product - the DDJ-SB3. Brochure Design, Web Design, and Leaflet Design all came into play.


Pioneer DJ HDJ-X5BT headphone advertising and marketing

We worked with Pioneer DJ to create the marketing materials for the launch of their new HDJ-X5BT headphones. A key selling point for these headphones was the bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth was a brand new feature for Pioneer DJ headphones, something that hadn’t been included in any of their other models. At their core, they were still to be marketed as DJ headphones, but with bluetooth capability, which DJ’s could use on the move, preparing tracks for their next sets. This presented us with the challenge of getting the balance just right. The tone had to be DJ first and foremost, but also clearly highlight the capability of the bluetooth connection.

Disciplines: Photography / POS / Brochures & leaflets / Web design

HDJ-X5BT Ad.jpg

Sound photography

We worked with photographer Dan Reid to ensure the headphones were photographed in the right setting, and looking their absolute best while being used to DJ. This background image helped us get the core use across in the final design of the advertisement.

HDJ-X5BT 1.jpg

Multifunctional design

Like the Bluetooth feature, the use of dynamic angles in the print advertisement was a new move for Pioneer DJ in their advertising. Moving away from the more straight-lined approach to their ads gave us the opportunity to add a dynamic feel to this set of marketing materials. The angles help convey a level of movement and multipurpose use. Backed up by the Bluetooth logo and supporting copy, it becomes clear that these are no ordinary DJ headphones.

HDJ-X5BT Spec Front.jpg
HDJ-X5BT Spec Back.jpg